Call Center Today is a management consultancy that helps organizations to engineer their inside sales and customer care departments. The goals: Increase total sales, cross-sell more products, convert leads to customers, deliver nurturing client care and manage contact center operations and people efficiently and profitably.

Our team helps convert in-house contact centers into dynamic, profitable sales and service centers. Through training and development programs, strategic initiatives and management practices, we teach organizations to use contact centers as the engine that drives results.



Strategies To Manage Contact Center Performance

Convert Leads To Customers

Sell More To Existing Customers

Inside Sales And Customer Care Management Practices And Culture

The Call Center Management Wheel

Speaking And Workshops

After Media Direct Marketing Programs

Build A New In-House Contact Center

Development Of Hiring And Onboarding Programs

Telephone Script Development And Customer Care Welcome Packages

Customer Loyalty Programs That Drives More Sales And ROI

Find A Call Center To Represent Your Business